About BKRE

Ben Key

BKRE, LLC considers itself a boutique company. Created as Ben Key Real Estate, LLC in 2006 in Houston and later changed to BKRE, LLC in 2012.

BKRE, LLC expanded to Florida in April 2016. We are a boutique company that differentiates itself from larger companies and pride ourselves on close contact with owners when desired and a very hands on approach to managing properties.

We specialize in turning mismanaged properties around with a “hands-on” approach by building consistent, trusting relationships with the current tenants as well as new ones coming in. In addition, we do very well with properties that are already in good shape in maintaining their good status and income.

We pride ourselves on having excellent communication with our landlords and tenants by providing information to them in a timely manner. While many of our competitors are known for slow responses, we are known for same day replies and in some cases in as little as a couple of hours.

BKRE, LLC develops and maintains relationships with vendors such as: Landscapers, roofers, electricians & contractors. We have an outside accounting service as needed.